X-Men, Welcome to D…eano.com! 

I stares at you from across the table... Roll d6!

Handsome fella, shame about the brain...

This is the oft-barren, many times resurrected home of deano on the intertubes.

Please enjoy your stay, and feel free to read and comment on all manner of topics, from general computing; life as a student, entrepreneur, and parent; to some of the most obtuse references and arguments throughout comic book and movie fandom.

We are what we are, and we’re eating ourselves as a result. At least, we will be, once we get a few more months of Yoga stretches under our collective belts. And yes, we’re using the royal ‘we’. 

Prepare to be underwhelmed, grossed out, and in general perturbed. Why Are We Even Friends? That thought running through your mind? That’s why this place exists. Yay!

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