Deano’s answer to: “What specific things get people excited enough to go out and see a live show?”

I would like to submit the current ongoing tour of comedian Donald Glover as an example of how to get people to show up at such an event (while some of my points are specific, they should be easy to extrapolate to a rock band, theater company, you name it):

  • Die-hard standup comedy fans might go to a local club regardless of who is headlining – for the laughs, the heckling, the great unknowns and possibilities of what can happen on a given night.
  • Someone familiar with Donald Glover’s standup skills/routines may go to experience the content first-hand, as something more of a known quantity (but with a heavy dose of the first bullet thrown in as well).
  • Fans of Community (TV series) on NBC may enjoy Donald Glover’s performances as Troy Barnes(*), and be interested in connecting with Troy/Donald in person as a fan of the TV Show, even if they aren’t generally fans or attendees of standup comedy shows.

Okay, so that’s a bit on why someone might show up for Donald’s show when it hits town… But equally interesting is how:

  • Standup comedy fans may hear about the shows from club Websites, Twitter account(s), Facebook page(s), listings in a local newspaper’s entertainment section/calendar, posters/flyers in nearby bars or restaurants, or even the marquee out front of the club itself.
  • Donald Glover fans would almost certainly be following his twitter account @DonaldGlover, which references his journey/highlights of performances, and acts as a main “connection point” to rally fans in upcoming cities, including contests/giveaways/restaurant recommendation requests, etc. Fans can connect with each other via various Donald-related Hashtags, like #iamdonald, and #cangetit.
  • Fans of Community, as well, may discover Donald’s Twitter account directly through searches, references on other accounts, such as @nbccommunity or @danharmon (the head writer of the show), the Community Facebook page, etc.
  • Any of the methods/channels above could also contain reviews of Donald’s current tour, as would any number of entertainment/stand-up focused websites.
  • Lastly, the venues themselves may hold promotions or giveaways, and advertise such via local TV and radio stations, newspapers, daily deal sites, etc.

Social Media has been a tremendous boon, not just in the standup comedy space, but as a new form of connection and interaction point between celebrities, actors, bands, venues, and even particular productions/tours.

The combination of the open web, and near instant, viral/asymmetrical distribution of information and recommendations can have a huge influence in putting butts in seats before a show – as well as keeping fans talking, sharing photos, and creating bonds with each other afterward.


What specific things get people excited enough to go out and see a live show?

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