Deano’s answer to: “Did James Bond ever really love any woman?”

One could assume that, as part of the necessary compartmentalization of one’s emotions required to be a cold-blooded killer for one’s nation, Bond necessarily carries a different internalized definition of love not based on traditional mores. It may well be that James Bond loved them all.

This could not only explain the number of women he beds, but how quickly he can switch his feelings for them on and off as the situation demands – by his very nature, intensity is what rules Bond’s actions and motivations, and during each of his assignments he basically lives an entire ‘normal human lifespan’, which must then be cast aside for the next.

More familiar analogues of this effect would be: military personnel stationed overseas for a set period, foreign correspondents and photographers pursuing stories around the globe, “business class” roadwarriors hooking up in hotel bars, and of course, Several Members of the High School Senior Ski Trip™.

This answer originally appeared on Quora: Did James Bond ever really love any woman?

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