Deano’s answer to: “Is the Internet Dating Conference a worthwhile and well run event?”

Sometimes silence tells the story.

I came very close to booking a trip to Miami last year, but my schedule exploded a bit, and I had to cancel… I still wonder if maybe fate was trying to tell me something. Between the website, the way the sales team runs things, and the lack of third-party commentary, it just feels a "little off" somehow.

Still, I've heard anecdotally that it's an incredible networking opportunity, as pretty much all the major players and their vendors are represented in some fashion, along with many tiny niche site runners full of energy and insights. Since networking would be the natural focus, it then becomes imperative that you have a solid plan of attack, and start pinging other likely attendees beforehand to suggest meetings/make yourself memorable.

I'd love a free ticket to the Beverly Hills event, but failing that the money is almost certainly better spent poured directly into my company, based on the available evidence. Would love to be proven wrong!

Is the Internet Dating Conference a worthwhile and well run event?

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