Deano’s answer to: “Do men like to make out or do they make out just to get sex?”

Men prefer to make out with people they are romantically interested in, exclusively… Given that that tends to be a pretty limited subgroup of their acquaintances, this means it likely isn't a constant, on-demand phenomenon for most men, so make-outs tend to be appreciated on their own merits when they happen organically.

That said, men also tend to like sex, and are far less discriminatory about who they'd share that experience with.

Where the waters muddy a bit, is that men will also happily do just about anything to take the promise of sex to its sweatiest, most fall-asleep-before-you-get-yours conclusion possible, including making out with someone they may not otherwise have a romantic interest in.

In summary:

Men like to just make out sometimes, AND they will almost always make out if doing so leads to sex.

Do men like to make out or do they make out just to get sex?

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