Deano’s answer to: “Where and how can I find true love?”

I'm calling the Quora-Police (Quops?), because this is two, two, two questions in one!

Okay, okay, I'll call them later, after I've properly answered your binary call for help, and sliced a few tin cans and/or tomatoes with it.

Question 1: Where can I find true love?

Not to sound too granola-hokey-new-ageist about it, but:

  • True love is found within. We all carry our own unique truth, so finding true love is necessarily a 'journey internal'… Though, if you are open to what you find, and willing to put in the work, it need not be a 'journey eternal'.

Question 2: How can I find true love?

Argh! I'm channeling hippies it seems, but at least that explains the smell:

  • Stop looking for true love. Instead – look for fun, adventure, romance, excitement, relaxation, comfort, challenge, opportunity, or a chance to serve. The more of each you find, the closer you'll be. Don't stress about finding them all in one place.
  • Start listening for true love. Really, really listening. Absorbing the words and actions of those around you. And, of course, your own. Not judging, mind you, or assessing, or even understanding. Juuuuuust… Liiiiiiistening. See how hard that is? It's hard for a reason: it's worth doing. Lots. And again, the better you get at it, the closer you'll be.

Where and how can I find true love?

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