Deano’s answer to: “Why are so many powerful men involved in sex scandals?”

Additional question details:
What would happen if powerful women behaved the same way, lying about their sexual relationships and finding time to cheat on their spouses and families? Why does it appear that men, especially in politics, consistently exercise poor judgment, betray trust, and get others to cover up and hide their indiscretions? Maybe men are dogs – but is there a way to keep them from being slaves to their sex organs and turning into hypocrites, liars and cheats?

To answer only the last question – it's possible to keep men from being slaves to sex, and hypocritical in their actions, by seeing such actions as consistent, and changing societal expectations for behavior.

That these cases are seen primarily as happening to the rich and powerful have zero to do with the personalities involved, and much more to do with the needs of the newsmedia – it's simply not "news" when a random citizen known only to their own social graph commits adultery or sexually harasses a coworker.

Why are so many powerful men involved in sex scandals?

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