Deano’s answer to: “Does the name Quora have the subliminal message: Q/A = Qu-or-A?”

You catch on quick! As an alternative or perhaps even antidote to the "Question and Answer" sites throughout the internet, Quora was created in part to subvert the direct A-B relationship – to help diversify the groups of questioners and answerers, lower bars of entry or need for reciprocity, by creating a "Question or Answer community", or Quora for short(*).

Still, given the wording of your question, I'd have to say NO, but only because the message is meant to be more overt, less subliminal.

Additional references to the naming of Quora are found here:

(* The only other answer that makes sense for the name comes from my wife, who is Japanese, and remains convinced that the name has something to do with Australian Tree Marsupials.)

Does the name Quora have the subliminal message: Q/A = Qu-or-A?


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