Deano’s answer to: “Is there a lesbian version of pick-up artist culture?”

I haven't seen much evidence of a culture of such women who hang out with each other… I think the overall dating pool may still be too small (even here in San Francisco) to allow for conscious collaboration among "Alpha Females". Which may explain why some PUA "tactics" do seem to be popular – any advantage gained can make a huge difference in dating the "10s", or going home alone. 

Not to over-generalize, but in my second-hand experience, PUA techniques and thought processes work much more effectively for lesbian women who are pursuing multiple relationships, rather than those who want to increase their confidence in pursuing a single mate. Which, again, reduces the size of the possible community significantly.

I'd say it's more likely that various bits of PUA wisdom will float wholesale down to the masses across all genders/sexualities before more robust communities form within individual groups. Alternately, it's also possible that some subset of the Het Male PUA community will combine/incorporate those of other genders/orientations before a separat community can form. I could definitely see that happening in more remote communities, or within other cultures across the globe, where sexuality isn't as much of a primary social divider as other factors.

Is there a lesbian version of pick-up artist culture?

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