Deano’s answer to: “What should Quora be called in the Rage Comic universe?”

Dean sits motionless,
phosphorous glow reflected
in beads of Derp sweat.

Quick brainstorming produces:

  • Quorpa,
  • Quorp,
  • Querpa,
  • Querp,
  • Duerpa,
  • Duorpa,
  • Quderpa,
  • HerporDerpa,
  • Derorpa,
  • Derpora,
  • Derpuora,
  • Quorderp

It's interesting, if I didn't know better, I might think that Quora was intentionally named in such a manner as to prevent exactly this kind of silliness.

The Qu provides an extra half-vowel defense against any phonetic attack…

The presumed logical construction attack, based on the origin of the name as a contraction of it's purpose – "Question or Answer", also fails pretty miserably –

  • either you retain logical consistency while losing all recognition of the "derpstination" term (Heord, for example),
  • or you sacrifice in the name of art, and have trouble retaining a link to the origin word (Herporderp, say).

If I had to pick something immediately, just to "get 'er done" a rage comic, it'd probably be Querpa, since it seems to come closest to evoking both the proper name and the meme.

  • Ex. "I went on Querpa to figure out what to do with my sherpa who got derpa'd."

Second to that, I'd honestly try to create a competitive meme-term, something like Quorp, which could be used as a more highbrow, insightful alternative to the Yahoo! Answers-like derp.

  • Exs. "I Warped until I Quorped", or "My boyfriend gave me Quorpies".

Overall, to the querent I say this: give yourself a round of applause – not only have you asked a truly insightful question of the absurd on Quora, but it's actually a bit of a stumper at that. Braverp!

What should Quora be called in the Rage Comic universe?

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