Deano’s answer to: “Can someone tell me what this Japanese commercial means?”

This commercial is totally straightforward:

  • A Japanese boy returns home from school in a sad state.

  • His dog, Panchi, comes to him, tries to figure out what's wrong, and figures out the boy is heartbroken over a girl at school.

  • Panchi then proceeds to perform a variety of silly tricks to cheer the boy up and get him back in "gambare mode".

  • Panchi's power works too well, and the boy wins over the girl, leaving Panchi home alone and in the lurch.

  • Unlike his more "emo" master, Panchi's good spirits can be returned simply by eating Calbee Consommé-flavor[*] potato chips (which are, actually, pretty delicious).

See? Simple!

[* Yes, consommé, like the French soup… Don't knock it til you try it! ]

Can someone tell me what this Japanese commercial means?


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