Deano’s answer to: “Do men prefer toilet seats be left up or down?”

The real answer is:

Most men prefer the toilet seat down, and a standard urinal off to the left a bit.
Failing that, we can always use the sink in an emergency (sorry short guys), and you'll be none the wiser… Unless it's asparagus night.

Ladies: that might be the best reason to make sure it's never asparagus night.

And I say that as someone who loves asparagus.

Anyway, the point is, urinating in a standard toilet is the last resort of men… We use men's rooms on a nearly-daily basis, and that experience tends to make us terrified of using any standard toilet besides the one at mom's house. Most of the time, we pre-wipe a seat regardless – between all the liquid drops of who knows what, the clinging hairs, and the… smudges… Well, better safe than sorry.

One thing this question really seems to be asking is, "why do men get so upset when women yell at them for leaving the seat up?"

And the answer to that is simple – we spend so much time not dying of the Black Plague in men's rooms, that even trying to imagine that women would assume a toilet clean enough to sit down on without prior examination (the only reasonable explanation for why they might "fall in" to a seat-raised toilet… Well, we just always pictured women as smarter and more cleanliness-focused than that. And really, anything that jarring to one's assumptions can be highly stressful and upsetting.

Do men prefer toilet seats be left up or down?

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