Deano’s answer to: “Is there a benefit to WordPress specific (i.e.,, WP Engine, Zippykid, KahunaHost) hosting?”

By definition, all WP-specific hosting options would offer the features required to run WordPress safely and securely.

And, unlike generalized hosts, such WP-specific hosts would be more likely keep things in better "sync" between versions of SQL/PHP/Apache/etc and the latest/stable releases of WP, to react quickly and preemptively when vulnerabilities are discovered, etc.

The main reason to use general webhosting OVER WP-specific hosting is the desire to run multiple disparate web platforms/services on the same hardware… And these days there are fewer and fewer reasons to do that, apart from potential cost savings through consolidation of storage/bandwidth across sites/services. And that advantage is certainly something that WP-specific hosting could negate through dramatically higher value service, and/or competitive pricing (especially at the lower-end of the scale where cost is the number one concern).

Is there a benefit to WordPress specific (i.e.,, WP Engine, Zippykid, KahunaHost) hosting?

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