Deano’s answer to: “Is there a scientific argument for believing in God?”

Please note: I am answering the question asked, not "Can Science Argue the Existence of God?", which is what most people seem to be answering…

In simplest terms, I would advocate pursuing the following line of questioning:

  • Are there scientifically demonstrable links between people who have "faith or belief in God", and health/longevity/income level/social status/etc?
  • Do such links produce positive outcomes in a predictable fashion (longer lifespan, better health and wellness, greater wealth, etc)?

If so, then you could certainly argue that there is a scientific argument for believing in God, due to the measurable benefits attained from such belief… Though, it's also likely that such an argument would not preclude there also being scientific arguments not to believe in God.

After a googly-eyed search through the internet, I've stumbled upon a few yahoos who certainly dig this idea:……

Finding and corroborating more objective studies on the issue is an exercise I leave to the reader. Nevertheless, in summary, YES, there appear to be at least attempted scientific arguments for believing in God.

Is there a scientific argument for believing in God?

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