Deano’s answer to: “What’s the best way to get baseball tickets in Japan?”… looks fairly promising in terms of a simple solution requiring no assistance…

I must admit, the easiest methods are to either ask a Japanese friend who loves baseball to assist, or to use the concierge at a foreigner-friendly hotel. Difficulty level of either depends a lot on where you're staying, and which team(s) you want to see play.

Sellouts are… pretty rare, though – and scalping is far less common than in the West. It shouldn't be that difficult to get seats to any in-season game while you're there, unless it's during the playoffs. If you do go the hotel route, they are likely to suggest a whole tour package (especially in Tokyo), including door to door transport to and from your hotel, and possibly some other entertainment/meal/etc. Especially if you're travelling with some older or much younger tourists (elderly parents, children), such packages wind up being well worth it just for the hassle-free trip back.

What's the best way to get baseball tickets in Japan?

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