Deano’s answer to: “Which Ninja Turtle do women find most attractive? Why?”

All four of them have all of the most important factors in generating attraction:

  • They are at/near their sexual peak as teen males
  • Successful and dramatic genetic mutation/evolution is reproductively desirable
  • They are in peak physical and mental condition as ninjas
  • As turtles, they will know how to "take things slow" when the time is right

Please understand, I am only referring here to "attraction" in the chemical/genetic/pheremone-based sense. 

There are, of course, clear differences in personality and interest space with each TMNT that will cause a corresponding increase/decrease in perceived mental desire for any given female.

But for the physiological 'attraction reaction', it's going to be so off the charts for the average woman, that picking any single turtle would be splitting hairs.

Which Ninja Turtle do women find most attractive? Why?

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