Deano’s answer to: “Which offer should a developer choose, Google or Apple?

Whichever fits his or her style, energy, and goals better.

At the cultural level alone, they are such vastly different organizations – if you're at the point of receiving an offer, you likely have done a lot of due diligence, visited both campuses, etc. You should have a pretty good feel for those differences, the people you'll be working with, etc.

If it's still pretty even, think about doing each respected offered job title for 10 years straight. Some days, it may seem as if it's been ten years, after all. Which job role/product team will you be more willing to drag your ass out of bed every morning for, despite all the politics, in-fighting, ladder climbing distractions… Which project will not only highlight your existing skills, but keep you on a good path to push yourself, and gain new skills?

If it's still that unclear after all that, it's likely the money/benefits package fogging you up a bit too much. Pretend they're both paying you $20,000 a year in salary. Which would you be happier to work at then? Go there.

Which offer to choose, Google or Apple?

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