Deano’s answer to: “Is it OK to answer a question on Quora with lmgtfy?”

Sometimes what appears to be an overly simple question may simply be misworded, or even accidentally cut off in posting… It's best to take every question as 100% serious, and allow any follow-on discussion/commenting help to refine/clarify the situation.

For questions that truly are quite simple and searchable, I'd tend towards answering clearly and completely, perhaps with references that help illustrate how best to perform a similar search in the future. For many people, simply understanding how best to surface answers in Google, using operators and the like, is like rocket science.

By helping show the way, you ultimately help educate your fellow Quorans in the "how" as much as the "what", which could lead to future dividends in terms of higher quality answers by these same querents.

Is it OK to answer a question on Quora with lmgtfy?

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