Deano’s answer to: “What are some good book pairings?”

I realize you're looking more book-to-book here, but for me, reading two books at once tends to take away from both, regardless of the pairing.

Instead, I'm more in the camp of Natalie Maclean, who has a decent list of wine-book pairings listed here[*]:… – Which reminds me: a good guideline for a great book is one you finish in a single bottle of wine – not because it's a short read, but such a good one you repeatedly forget to refill your glass.

[* Honestly, I found her Memoirs of a Geisha + "sake" a little too racist/generalized to carry weight (though there are doubtlessly specific sakes that would fit the tome), but for all the books I've read on her list, the wine matches pretty beautifully.

What are some good book pairings?

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