Deano’s answer to: “What are the best ‘guilty pleasure’ movies?”

Even if it was on a double-digital old school analog broadcast channel (okay, break out your time machines, I know), I couldn't help but sit down for The Final Countdown, pretty much every time[*].
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Krull has no innocence of pleasure about it, though with a healthy dose of fast forward, it is thoroughly enjoyable. 😉

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And, to really blow the doors off, The Return of Captain Invincible is soooo soooo bad, and sooooooooo sooooooooo good, especially once it turns into a musical. Plus, who could be a more convincing invincible superhero than Alan Arkin?

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[* My wife is Japanese, and even she enjoyed it… And then perversely lent it out to all her Japanese/American-coupled friends. Sick, sick woman. ]

What are the best "guilty pleasure" movies?

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