Deano’s answer to: “Who would win in a street brawl: Quorra or Trinity? Why?”

Assuming that the Matrix and the Net/Grid are compatible, then Quorra would map most closely to an "Agent" – programs that are aware they are in a false constructed reality, and therefore able to perform to "superhuman" levels.

No doubt, Trinity would give Quorra a run for her money, but the latter would have the added advantage of game grid weaponry that can be synthesized "in-game", as opposed to Trinity, who would be limited to whatever she brought in with her.

Long story short, I think it's just not a clear outcome. So much depends on where we are on Trinity's timeline – because she clearly grows stronger throughout the films (perhaps just seeing Neo be "The One" makes everyone in the Matrix more powerful given the change to their understanding of the limits of what's possible?), I'd say it's mostly down to whether or not she has met Neo yet:

  • Pre-Neo – she eventually succumbs to Quorra after a long, sweaty, and preferably recorded at multiple angles battle;
  • Post-Neo – she lulls Quorra into a sense of self-confidence through their skin-tight-costumed fisticuffs – before suddenly whipping out her own identity disc from nowhere, and doing some kind of green-tinted slo-mo decapitation on the poor program.

Who would win in a street brawl: Quorra or Trinity? Why?

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