Deano’s answer to: “How is Color going to make money?”

They aren't going to get to the "money making" part of the equation. Not the way they're going, anyway.

Off the top of my head, the obvious moneymakers are:

  • low-res photo access for other's photos, upsell highres to attendees
  • licensing event photos to media organizations, venues, conferences, etc (if users get the fat cut, this would actually be a great reason to always shoot with Color)
  • sell photo packages to non-attendees (get all the photos from the U2 concert/Royal Wedding/etc)
  • incorporate location-based video/photo cams, provide access to say apartment residents to see their "front door cam" from their iphone, charge property managers. Let nightclubs share what's up in their location, etc.
  • Contests – Doritos "find the mystery flavor bag in San Francisco", with daily hints, etc… Get people out and moving to burn off those Dorito-cals. People in close enough proximity can "find" the bag, win prizes, etc. Charge for the sponsorship/advertising.

None of these are "Color Ready" opportunities with the existing featureset, but the basic idea is adding the following things to create monetization ops:

  • flexible timeline for photo access (see pics taken before you got to the venue)
  • flexible location limiters for photo access (see photos from other locations)
  • privacy controls (restrict access to some streams by Color login/location/timespan)
  • partnerships and/or API (to allow specific creative campaign uses/device tie-ins)
  • non-human users (municipal/venue cameras, brands-as-users, etc)

Most of the above are not hard programming challenges in and of themselves, though the non-technical requirements definitely would take time and lots of effort to pull off. Especially with such a black eye in the media already.

How is Color going to make money?

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