Deano’s answer to: “How long does frozen home-made stock keep?”

Wow. Months, huh?

Not impressed.

Of course, it'll depend a lot on how "clear" the stock is, and how it was initially prepared/how good your antimicrobial controls were… But if it's under a year or two, there's minimal 'freezer burn', and you're not financially in a position to toss it out of hand, just add some salt and overcook it a bit.

Judging from the lawsuit-fearing bastions of Internet cooking, realistically you're looking at 4-6 months, which is again likely 50% reduction from anything like an actual limit (which makes my year totally reasonable). And, you know, if there are no starvation concerns, it's like eating stale non-moldy bread… Probably not gonna kill you, but may impact your dish's flavor enough to make eating it much less pleasant than if you "started fresh".

How long does frozen home-made stock keep?

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