Galactus Wants Blueberries!

My friend Urian gave Nami a little Silver Surfer plush toy after Comic Con this summer… Which lead to many questions about who and what the Surfer was… After a few attempted explanations, we watched a clip from the recent Silver Surfer cartoon, and then Nami decided it would be a good idea to do a “thank you movie” for the gift.

This is the result: 

Lionized Visor

So, I’ve had Lion for a bit now, and I was a little annoyed that it didn’t support the Visor extension of Luckily, I finally realized I probably wasn’t the only one, and discovered this:

Yay! I’m “re-vised with Visorin!”, or at least back to geeky-coolness with the help of TotalTerminal.

Now if only I could, you know, actually geek out and code stuff, and thus help pay the bills/advance my quest to improve the human condition. :/

Random Squawk about the new Torchwood

Ripped mercilessly from a Facebook thread once I realized how long it had gotten:

I can’t believe they picked a preachy *and* medically-oriented topic for the first (and certain to be last) US-based Torchwood outing. 😦 The story has been crawling – the whole thing would’ve been at best a two-parter during the BBC run, and jamming everything together would’ve given it more energy.

Long story short, they should’ve made this long story, er, short. 😉

Oh yeah, and the character portrayals are wildly inconsistent – Esther Drummond especially. I’ve gone from being curious and interested in the first two episodes, to screaming at the TV pretty much every scene since… This new Torchwood is just, well, stupid.

The thing that made all the awkward and bizarre cast of the BBC series work was that I cared as much for the team as what happened in the stories. This time around, I find myself caring very little about either.

Something truly amazing will need to happen in the second half for them to pull out of this terrible nose-dive, but just remember: this is a 10 episode series… Think of how much ground would’ve been covered in the old show, how much character development, how many different mysteries and subplots seeded and bloomed. And what have we with “Miracle Day” so far? People are going to live forever, and the drug companies are exploiting their neverending pain for profit. And… NO WAIT THAT IS THE WHOLE STORY, TOLD IN 5 HOURS! WTF?!?

Let’s play “Celebrity Quora”!

There appears to be a new feature on Quora:

“Allow comments on my answers and posts”.

(See right there at the bottom? Yeah. That.)

I dunno why it took me so long to realize this setting existed, but it did… Oh no, wait, I know exactly why – I’ve never, ever seen this feature used before Michelle Rhee‘s (otherwise excellent) answer to What are some of the biggest problems with public education in America?

Maybe I’m just trolling about the seedier side of Quoraville or something, but in my experience one of the great attractions of the site itself is the perception that public figures who do choose to participate do so “fully”, even when they do not wade into the muck of comment threads. Hate on him all you like, but Robert Scoble seems like a “Quora member”, and not a hit-and-run “Quorcaster”, which is what I worry this feature will ultimately promote.

In many ways, this is worse than aggressive/hurtful anonymous answers, as it limits the querent’s ability to followup with what may often be popular answers, and applies an explicit social hierarchy that would seem to mark the average Quoran as part of the “untouchable class”.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for people maintaining their privacy, and limiting their interactions for what they have time and energy for, but I simply don’t see the utility here in preventing communication in this fashion – wouldn’t it make more sense to have a setting that just said “don’t notify me when the plebes reply”?

(Oh wait, that does already exist. Huh.)

This is like the “Ignore Facebook Friend Request” feature… I can see Michelle, but in some significant ways, she can’t see me – not in the contexts that matter to her, at least. And, being that I’m so awesome, the whole thing just strikes me as sad. For her. You know?

Anyway, just finishing my lunch, noticing new things about Quora that make it feel a little bit more elitist than usual. Carry on, and have a good weekend

You can read my original Post on Quora, if you like. I wonder if Michelle will respond? 😉