Deano’s answer to: “What is the best way to get Japanese knives sharpened in SFBA?”

For metal blades it’s really just a general “where are the best knife sharpening services in the Bay Area”…

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For that, I would recommend:

  • Hida – 1333 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley
  • Perfect Edge – 1640 Palm Avenue, San Mateo
  • Critical Edge- a Knife Sharpening Service – (925) 937-3343 – 465 Boyd Road, Pleasant Hill

A lot of folks talk about lucking out with the sharpeners at farmers markets, but read those Yelp reviews carefully, and make sure you’re getting the good one, and not his or her sickday/vacation replacement.

For ceramic blades – you typically need to mail them back to the manufacturer. My wife recently did this with one of our Kyocera knives, and instead of sharpening it, they simply sent us a new knife. Not bad!

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This answer originally appeared on Quora: What is the best way to get Japanese knives sharpened in SFBA?

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