Deano’s answer to: “What is the fashion like in the SFBA?”

Generally speaking, fashion in the Bay Area is a cross between:

  • flea market “high fashion”,

(Photo snuck quietly off…)

  • utilitarian-outdoorsy,

(Photo courtesy of…)

  • and flat-out laziness[*].

(Photo courtesy of…)

Of course, there are many strata to the SFBA, and its fashion subcultures. Generally speaking, however, even the most refined “steampunk bdsm hipster“, “startup khaki cyclist” or “militant vegan go-go dancer“could be easily mistaken for some combination of the above three listed categories… And that doesn’t even include the masses of

  • tourists borifying the place up throughout the year:

(Photo courtesy of…)

  • or the costumed revelers who attend neighborhood festivals and holidays:

(Photo courtesy of…)

[* Frank Chu is on an amazing tireless mission, but let’s face it – he does not dress to impress. Admit it: without the sign, he’d blend in with the SOMA startup doofus crowd]

This answer originally appeared on Quora: What is the fashion like in the SFBA?

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