Deano’s answer to: “Why do Americans love bacon?”

There is nothing particularly American about the love of bacon. Bacon is loved the world over by those who are allowed to, or choose to eat pork products.

That said, why do people love bacon? It's the salt, the fat, a savory ingredient for the plate that compliments all manner of "sweets" – pairings from french toast to grilled scallops cover a wider range than most other pork cuts.

Because bacon tends to be cut relatively thin (compared to, say, a pork chop), cooking and serving the "right amount" to balance the rest of a plate tends to be pretty easy. It can be served stand-alone, layered, diced or crushed into bits, as a wrapping, etc.

While Americans may indeed over-indulge when offered an unlimited supply, it really doesn't take much to imbue a dish with that magical smoked/fried flavor.

In short, bacon is largely loved for its versatility and taste. If American cuisine makes a more prominent use of bacon than others around the world, it is likely for similar reasons – in my experience, American cuisine itself is of a lot more flexible and experimental nature compared with all the other cuisines we ruthlessly "borrow" from.

Why do Americans love bacon?

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