Deano’s answer to: “What’s a good plan for “date night” with a long-term relationship girlfriend around Berkeley?”

Given that you mentioned "long term relationship girlfriend", then I'd advise a course that breaks from the norms as much as possible, gets you out of your comfortable routines ("date night", really?!?), and restores spice and energy to your love life:

  • Pretend you're leaving Berkeley the next day – what are the absolutely "must do's" on both your lists that you haven't hit? Similarly, what are some of the key memories of times together/inspiration in your relationship that you could call to mind by adding them to your itinerary? If the date isn't fun, try to…
  • Pretend you've both just moved to Berkeley – using only the knowledge of guidebooks, weekly newspapers, and ads posted in the nearest laundromat, plan a date/tour of the area as "prefroshes in love" or some such… It's like taking a vacation in your home town – when you can see it (and your partner) with fresh eyes, every day gets a little bit brighter. If that's still not working, then…
  • Get outta Berkeley! – As a San Francisco Bay Area resident myself, the one thing I've noticed talking to people around here, regardless of where they are from: they tend to know a small subset of their town/city, and very little of the surrounding area(s). BART up to Walnut Creek and get lost in the strip malls (and make out in the parking lot between a couple minivans). Head to Emeryville for a romantic walk through Ikea, imagining how each piece of furniture will fit in your imagined dream home… Then cap it off with a candlelit (LED candles advised) dinner in the cafeteria upstairs. Hit the fine bars and bowling alleys of Albany – be a proud townie couple for the evening, and shelve things intellectual until the sun rises.

Three suggestions, not too detailed in terms of locations, I will admit – because, in the grand scheme, no "great location" is going to turn the humdrum existence of an LTR into the spark that burned your hearts and loins when you first met… Your goal is to find that spark, in large part by keeping your perspective fresh, and looking at your surroundings and each other with new eyes.

What's a good plan for "date night" with a long-term relationship girlfriend around Berkeley?

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