Deano’s answer to: “When a girl asks what you would change about her if you could change something, how often is it a trap?”

It's always a trap, for one of you:

  • either she's trapped into a mode of thinking about you, herself, and your shared relationship that is based on some objective sense of "perfection that can be achieved"…
  • Or you are trapped by the idea that you need to answer stupid questions earnestly just because you care about the person asking you.

That said, here are three equally stupid answers that would set you free in most cases:

  • "I'd make you a wealthy billionaire heiress, so that you could always have your hearts' desire, and whenever your hoity-toity friends asked what you were doing with a chump like me, you could simply curl your beautiful lips into a smile and know the secret they've yet to figure out – that there are some things that money will never be able to buy, like our love for each other."
  • "I'd give you Chewbacca's head, Darth Vader's arms, Luke Skywalker's body, and C-3P0's legs."*
  • "I'd change the route you took to lunch the day before we met, so that we could catch each others' glance as we passed on the street, and I could spend the night dreaming of the day we'd meet again – totally unaware it would be the very next day."

* Then, when her head stopped shooting flames and spinning around, add, "Chewbacca's head so that no matter how incoherent you think you are, everyone would always understand what you're saying; Darth Vader's arms, so you could choke a bitch without touching her; Luke Skywalker's body so you'd know in your heart you were meant for something special; and C-3P0's legs, because you'd have to paint them gold to make them any more scintillating."

When a girl asks what you would change about her if you could change something, how often is it a trap?

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