Deano’s answer to: “Would a 25-year-old homosexual man who’s never had sex be considered a ‘loser’?”

Well, in the literal sense, he wouldn't be a "loser of virginity", anyway. 😉

Seriously, though, I'd say more like "patient and selective", overall.

Still, one is young for only so long, and in homosexual circles, there seems to be something particularly prized about YOUNGER gay men… So, one fairly common negative about waiting is potentially reducing the size of the available pool of willing mates. Heterosexual women have much the same problem.

The key is, there's very little lost if none of those "yummy candy" type sex partners aren't what you're looking for outside the bedroom if all you want is a relationship. That said, for a lot of people, good sex is a very important part of their relationships… So again, waiting too long may keep you from finding out that you're a ravenous man-whore who thrives on random bootylicious action.

Overall, again, I'd say it's your choice, but personally I'd love to see the definition of losing virginity redefined as the SECOND time you have sex – so you can make a conscious decision based on personal experience. Then, perhaps, everyone could discount the whole "how do you know if you've never tried" aspect of things, while they still have those hour-long erections of youth that might otherwise stay off the market.

Would a 25-year-old homosexual man who's never had sex be considered a "loser"?

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