Deano’s answer to: “Can you ask a girl to break up with her boyfriend to be with you?”

A wise man once said, "You can ask the salad to toss itself, but you still wind up with breath that reeks of more than desperation."

Why not simply either:

  • Express your interest directly on its own merits, and let her decide what's right for her, or
  • Be awesome – in a way that makes her helpless but to dump her man and fall for you

(It… kinda… is… that easy. Courtesy of http://afterlifemints.wordpress….)
Unfortunately, rule #1 of being awesome is not being needy, so you'll basically have to give up any expectations and hopes with this girl in order to be the guy who could easily snag her. Funny how that works.

On the bright side, being awesome is its own reward – though one that often comes with bonus gifts like meeting newer, more interesting girls who are actually single and into you.

Can you ask a girl to break up with her boyfriend to be with you?

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