Deano’s answer to: “What’s the best way to deal with heartbreak?”

The best solution to deal with negative emotional states is to fill up your time with activities that require high levels of concentration and/or effort.

Doing so will not eliminate the pain, but keep it constrained to your more "thoughtful" free time. And, if you do a good job at picking activities, like exercising and cooking for yourself, you may find that diet and fitness ride in with a wave of positive-emotive-state-inducing brain chemicals that will help you even out a bit. Surrounding yourself with friends, and focusing on the positive (rather than having a pity party) also does wonders.

Another great method that takes the sting from heartbreak is to fail utterly, completely, and seemingly-life-endingly at something besides love[*].

Forgetting is not an option, but eventually, the immediacy of the pain and the feeling of helplessness in an "active heartbreak" give way to more nostalgic, "nichevo-ey[†]" thoughts that can, in time, even be used to help surface the better memories around your various past loves.

[* This works in reverse, too: When I lost my job, I was devastated. When my dog died a few days later, the job didn't even return to my thoughts for weeks, and when it did it wasn't the cataclysm I had initially thought it to be.]

[† Nichevo is Russian for… Hell, I just can't explain it. What does the Russian word "nichevo" mean? to the rescue…? ]

What's the best way to deal with heartbreak?

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