Deano’s answer to: “What anime are better/just as good with the English dub?”

Everyone seems to have their favorites, but the hands-down winner of best English dub of all time pretty much has to go to the Golden Boy OVA:

Doug Smith's Kintaro Oe is an Olympic-level VA delivery, it's hard to imagine anyone approaching or eclipsing this anytime soon. That his expression and intonation fit perfectly with the perverse content and themes throughout the series does make me wonder about the guy a bit…

Though it isn't at the top of anyone's anime lists (though it cracks well into the 97th+ percentile), the "sub/dub" rating ratio for Golden Boy destroys those of pretty much all the "top tens". The dub is so good, in fact, that when the title changed hands from ADV films to Media Blasters, the latter company retained the original dub as part of its release.

The combination of a completely absurd storyline, over the top comedy, perfect VA by the lead and tremendous support throughout the cast, and a clear ratings distinction among "dub" titles make this one worth watching.

More info available on Wikipedia (where else?):…

What anime are better/just as good with the English dub?

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