Deano’s answer to: “What is it like living in Japan as a foreigner?”

Living in Japan as Foreigner means a lot of love on the telephone – if you leave behind a significant other in your country of origin, it can feel like a long, long way from home, at least until you decide to break it up – Sometimes, there's just no avoiding growing up the hard way.

For a hot-blooded Foreigner, it can seem like japanese women can be cold as ice, and possibly even a bit down on love – but their hearts only turn to stone(*) if they perceive you as a "dirty white boy"… Treat them right, and you'll be their Karaoke jukebox hero.

Don't play too many head games – even if you can't wait, at least say you will. not only will she respect you, but eventually your blue morning, blue day, blue balls will give way to some downright urgent physical intimacy, perhaps in a nearby love hotel.

Once love has taken its toll, things may change between you, and if things go badly enough, you may leave the country entirely. Never fear, though, because no matter how long between trips, or how many times you return, it feels like the first time.

(* Yeah, it's a stretch, I know…)

What is it like living in Japan as a foreigner?

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